Community, connection, collaboration… with the explosion of social media, we’re surrounded by these terms. And yet, and yet… how nourished do we really feel? How supported? How much progress toward our goals do we really make?

Or… how often do we just feel vaguely used up?

Community, at its best, is meant to be a source of nourishment.

We are nourished when:

  • We are witnessed with compassion and love in our struggles, and when we are celebrated in our successes;
  • We are inspired to be our best selves, because we’re surrounded by people who care;
  • Someone else lends a hand and does something that is easy for them, but hard for us. Receiving that help, we are nourished and the other person is nourished;
  • We do spiritual practice in community, because the power of the heart is multiplied in a group.

Our hearts and our businesses are ever seeking nourishment, and the two are linked. Nourish one and it supports the other.

Imagine what can happen when both are supported and nourished.


This is an alumni community. Which means that it’s filled with the sense of belonging and care that you have already experienced in other Heart of Business programs.

That belonging arises out of the shared values of wanting to make a difference in the world and an open-hearted desire to connect deeply. The care comes from the Divine qualities of Compassion and Love that are found within every sincere heart.

Who qualifies as an Alum?

Alumni include anyone who has:

  • purchased one of our home study programs, including Unveiling the Heart of Your Business, Creating Heart-Centered Websites, or any of our other learning products (note: you don’t have to have completed what you’ve purchased);
  • taken one of our shorter six to eight week courses, such as Heart of Money, Momentum or Sacred Selling;
  • participated in the Opening the Moneyflow program;
  • attended a Heart of Business live event;
  • worked one-on-one with one of our practitioners.

The purpose of this being an alumni community is not that you need to have completed any of these programs or attained any particular level of success.

What we are looking for is that you are already familiar with the Heart of Business approach. You know our work is spiritually deep yet also practical and effective. You like what we offer and want support as you continue to learn and implement it.

You especially want support to stay connected to the depth of your heart because you know that connection is the source of your greatest work.

The trouble is, it’s hard to maintain that depth on your own. Heck, even as the founder I’m deeply dependent on community to keep my own depth.

And even then, there are moments of temptation when I tell myself “Depth? Shmepth. I’ve gotta get focused and get my business moving… Ugh!”

And when we give in to that temptation, work gets harder and harder, less and less inspired and aligned with who we are. It also gets less and less effective, but in our increasingly panicked state it’s hard to stop pushing forward and take the time to reconnect.

The depth of a course or program is a wonderful solution, but  they always end. We leave with a “workshop” high, with big intentions and lots of energy because we DID connect with our deep knowing…but then we’re alone again, haunted by endless temptations to plow ahead the best way we know.

Yes, The Alumni Community is our answer.

The Heart of Business (HoB) Alumni Community is the answer to our need to feel nourished at the deepest level, not occasionally, not on a special weekend but every day, always there when we need some help, some heart-connection, some heart-centered business advice.

The vision: To help heart-based entrepreneurs:

keep their hearts nourished
their businesses developing
their contributions to the world expanding

by living the reality that every act of business is an act of love.

This vision can be your reality. We already know that times are urgent, and that our economy needs healing, badly. A big way that healing is going to happen is when your business, all of our heart-centered businesses, those of us who are trying to do real good in the world, are thriving and expanding as a group.

Be nourished. Move your business forward. Fill your heart. Feel inspired.

You Don’t Need to Be There Already

This is a place for complete novices, as well as advanced students. I’ve found that in community it’s better to have a real diversity of experience, because the newer folks keep things alive and real with their questions, and those who are more experienced, in addition to helping inspire and model what’s possible, find that the heart can always expand further, and the business will always present challenges that are eased by companionship and support

So don’t think you are too advanced, or not advanced enough in your business or your spiritual practice. This is an open-hearted, compassionate, accepting community. You, yes you, are welcome and needed

The Elements of Our Community

There are three major areas that need attention if we’re going to thrive as a group.

  1. Spirituality. The spirituality has to be real, it has to be consistent, and it has to nourish you in a way that provides healing, evolution and expansion of the heart.
  2. Business. If we’re going to heal this economy, we need heart-centered businesses to thrive. And if you’re going to contribute, you need your business to be sustainable, to thrive.
  3. Community. It’s not just a group of people. Community takes structure and intentionality. Compassionate, open-hearted, but also strong and accountable. We need community to help us all show up as our best selves.

We intend for all three, spirituality, business and community, to be robust here. So here’s what we’re providing.

1. Spirituality Element of the HoB Alumni Community

It’s hard to find spiritual community that has both depth and openness. The Sufi teachings that provide the foundation for Heart of Business come from an unbroken 1400 year-old lineage.

The depth and beauty of these teachings are available to everyone, regardless of your spiritual orientation. You can be who you are and drink from the sweetness and strength of what is offered here.

To support the depth of connection and immersion in love, we’re offering the following:

Guided Remembrance Meditations recorded by Mark

On a regular basis, I’ll release short recordings of guided Remembrances, useful for on-the-spot heart lifting or for daily practice. I’ll cover different approaches and topics, from abundance, love, forgiveness, peace, strength, guidance, to your Jewel, business clarity, expanding your heart’s reach, and beyond.

24 Hour Virtual Retreats led by Mark

I’ve been leading these for years, and recently I’ve established an every-other-month schedule. Truth be told, I lead them because I need them myself. Badly. Taking a full 24 hours to dedicate to spiritual practice, decluttering and nourishing my heart, means that I feel lighter, clearer, stronger, and more able to hear guidance and wisdom. And doing it with a group of like-hearted souls means it’s that much more powerful.

Spiritual Nourishment Q&A Calls led by Mark

It’s not always obvious how spiritual experiences relate to our every day lives. Taking time to go deep as a community, with the sincere questions and issues in our hearts, means that the floodgates of guidance and beauty open up for us all.

Every other month, alternating with the Virtual Retreats, I will lead a spiritual nourishment and Q&A call live.


We’ll be evolving as a community, so we’ll be curious about what you need and willing to change and improve to meet those needs.

2. Business Element of the HoB Alumni Community

Monthly Business-building Focus with worksheets and articles

The number one biggest issue I hear over and over again from business owners is not “how to get more clients” (though that’s a close second). It’s overwhelm. How do you make real progress instead of running in place?

The answer is relatively simple: you have to focus on one thing at a time and move it forward in a significant way. To help you focus, each month the entire community will turn its attention to a particular aspect of business. Supported with a worksheet and relevant articles, the focus will not be as much on training and education (covered in our courses), but instead on the much needed implementation, the getting it done aspect of business-building.

 Q&A Videos from Mark

Community facilitators will identify the thorniest, most difficult top three questions raised in the community each month, and I will create a video addressing each in detail. And, as usual, by “video” we mean providing all three formats: video, audio and the transcripts as a PDF.

Case Studies

Interviews with experts is well and good, but don’t you want to know how the regular people do it? Folks who are in your position, or close to it? Each month we’ll be interviewing a Heart of Business client who has successfully implemented our principles and teachings, and break it down into how they did it, the results they got, and what they learned. You’ll see inspiring, achievable results that will help you move your business forward.

Heart of Business Personal Resource List

Always a big question: which autoresponder to use? Project management? Do you have a recommendation for a copywriter for hire? Yes, yes, yes. Get access to the Heart of Business rolodex of resources, tools and providers, the people we go to when we need help.

Special Alumni Prices and invitations

Need an individual session from one of our practitioners? Want to jump into one of our courses? You get a special alumni price.

Plus, when we develop new products and offerings, or update old ones, you will be the first to find out.

3. Community Element of the HoB Alumni Community

Private, protected from Google, discussion forum

It’s true, there’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter and God knows how many places online to have conversations. And every single one of those is being mined for your personal information. Often your comments end up in Google searches.

We’re providing a heart-centered community of shared values, protected from prying eyes so you can be truly vulnerable, and get the help you need. You can practice stepping into leadership, you can ask questions you might not ask anywhere else.

Monthly meet-and-greets to connect with community members

Thanks to advances in technology, we can more easily gather as a large group, and still have meet and greets. Once a month the community will gather on a teleconference call, do a short Remembrance together, and then split up into pairs or threesomes and get to know each other more personally.

It’s heart-centered networking with people you know you can trust. Get referrals, give referrals, buddy up later to support each other in doing the month’s business focus worksheet, make a deep heart-connection and form a mastermind.

It all starts with actually meeting someone, and the monthly Meet-and-Greets are perfect for that.

Buddy Support

Community is not just a large group of people milling around in an open space. Community is a weave of individual relationships. We’re supporting alums like you to buddy up with other alums each month, on the phone, on Skype, in person if you live close enough, to mastermind and support one another. Find someone else who has the same home study program you do, and buddy up to work through it.

In our courses, like Heart of Money, Momentum or Sacred Selling, we see over and over again that the biggest breakthroughs happen in the partnering. Here’s a community where you can trust the other person you’re meeting to truly be a buddy.

Community Facilitators keeping things active

Many communities born out of good intentions die on the vine from a lack of interaction. It takes leadership and facilitation to keep things warm, fuzzy, and in motion.

We’ve had some amazing alumni already step forward to be facilitators for this community. They’ll welcome you in, get you oriented, and keep the forum and other meetings active and engaging.

What Else?

This is your alumni community. We’re presenting these features as a starting point. And we know that you have all kinds of needs that will show up as we move forward. As a member of the community you’ll have a voice in how it evolves, how it serves.

There’s no limit to what we could implement in the future. Some ideas that have been bounced around:

  • Coordinating mutual support in social media. What if the community could take turns supporting members to share each other’s businesses out there in the larger world?
  • Local groups. What if alumni could get help to create local, in-person support where they live, so not everything was digital and online all the time?
  • Mastermind groups. What if alumni could gather in groups of 4 or 6 and form long-lasting mastermind groups, like the one I have, that has been so instrumental to Heart of Business’ development.

Etc, etc… What can you dream up, for a community of heart-centered spiritually-grounded business owners dedicated to the same values you hold?

What About Mark? Or Jason and Yollana?

Can I tell you a personal sob story? The last Heart of Business community, The Business Oasis, was very successful. For a while.

I put a tremendous amount of energy into coaching, answering questions and being on the forum. And then I burnt out. As the community and business grew, I found myself stretched, exhausted, unable to keep up.  The Business Oasis began to wither, and we eventually closed it in late 2010, five years after it started.

I don’t want to make that same mistake here.

I did consider briefly making a training/coaching group out of this community. But for me to put that much personal attention in I would have to raise the price very, very high.

And then… oops… I realized we already have that in our courses and one-on-one sessions with our practitioners, for example the Opening the Moneyflow year-long program. The participants in that program get a lot of hands-on, in-depth training, coaching and feedback. And it costs what it costs. So if that’s what you’re needing, you can join the community now, work individually with one of our practitioners, and/or jump into one of our programs the next time it’s offered.

For you as a heart-centered business owner, I don’t want you having to spend money on this community for training that we provide so well in our courses.

But we all need ongoing support. The intention is to have you who have already received some of our training, coaching or education come together to help one another implement that training, as well as get the spiritual support you need to keep deepening and serving.

And I intend for my spiritual leadership and presence to be strong in the ways I’ve outlined above. Jason and Yollana fully intend to show up in the community as well. And, of course, if you need one of our courses, or a healing or coaching session from one of us, you will have access to a special Alumni price.

Because this community is meant to provide spiritual and business implementation support for those who are following our teachings, the cost and commitment of this community is meant to be sustainable for the long-term, something you can rest into and grow with. So let’s talk about that.

The 3 Things We’re Asking For

  1. A sustainably low membership price of $39/month.
  2. A year commitment to start. A month free if you pay for the year in advance.
  3. The willingness to bring your heart and engage.

1. The price makes us sustainable. It also means that while it’s not a insignificant amount to pay per month, it’s not burdensome.

We want this community to be a central support for you. And we know your need for it may ebb and flow. Sometimes you’ll be very engaged and other times less. So we don’t want the cost of the community to feel like a drain.

2. A year commitment because it’s a community. You are already familiar with our work and it resonates for you. A year’s commitment means that you support our intention for this to be a real community for you and everyone.

To highlight this commitment you can pay for the entire year at once, and get one month free.

3. Your willingness to bring your heart and engage, because we need you! This doesn’t mean you have to suddenly become a big-time online forum user if that’s not your thing. You can show up for the meet-and-greets, or you can connect with a buddy, every contribution counts. Show up for what serves you and it will serve us all.

Ready to jump in?

Here’s what’s inside:

What’s IncludedRegular
Guided Remembrance Meditation recordings

check mark
Virtual Retreats every other month
(worth $450 if registered for separately)

check mark
Spiritual Nourishment Q&A calls

check mark
Monthly Business Focus, with worksheet and articles

check mark
Q&A videos from Mark

check mark
Case Studies

check mark
Heart of Business Personal Resource List

check mark
Special Alumni pricing for Heart of Business offerings

check mark
Private protected-from-Google Forum

check mark
Monthly Meet-and-Greets

check mark
Buddy and Mastermind Support

check mark
Community Facilitators

check mark

Membership Price paid monthly

Membership paid at $39/month

click to order

Membership Price paid once per year

$429 (save $39!)

click to order

Any Guarantees?

We guarantee to come through on our promises. We guarantee to listen to you fully if you have any suggestions or issues. We are asking you to take the year commitment seriously, and yet, if something significant changes in your life and you absolutely need to leave the community, you can go and we’ll either stop your payments, or if you’ve paid in advance, refund any portion that is unused.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered?

Please ask any question you have right here, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. If you ask on a weekend, you may not hear from us until Monday. Then again, you may. :)
  • Ask your questions, and also please let us know what previous programs, products or experience you've had with Heart of Business.