Do you need a way to stay accountable to what needs to get done, without running over your heart or depleting yourself?

Files_Paper_CDI’m guessing you’ve done your share of courses, and that you have a variety of books and other programs collecting dust on your shelves or somewhere behind your screen.

Yet what has impacted you most has been when someone has given you a compassionate ear, a supportive hand. When someone has really met you so that you could take the next step with your business.

That person may have been a coach or a teacher, or they might just have been someone who had both values and a heart you could trust, and a willingness to meet you.

How did it feel to be met so wonderfully? And, what became possible for you once you felt seen and supported in that way?

What you’ve touched into with that experience is part of a phenomenon that arises out of a specific kind of community- a community of learning and practice.

People_Community“Community” is a term that has been thrown around a lot in recent years. And no wonder, since most of us have a real deficit of true community. This lack of community can sometimes blind us to what we truly need for our business– and for ourselves.

Do we really need more learning?

Sometimes we do.

Other times we don’t, because we’ve already learned so much, but implemented just a fraction of it.

That can leave us stuck- not wanting to learn more, but not making real progress in trying out, practicing, implementing what we’ve learned.

When this happens, we can feel frustrated, stuck, depleted.

In connecting with some of you over the past few months, it’s become clear that, in many cases, you know what your business needs- but you’re having trouble getting it done.

You need a safe space for learning and practice, a sacred space for you as the business owner so that the business can thrive.

This is why I want to invite you into The Heart of Business Love In Action Community.

HOB Community

Who is this community for?

See if any of these resonate with you:

  • If you’re new to Heart of Business, very much resonate with where we’re coming from, and yearn to have an active community to make your business a true expression of love and effectiveness.
  • You’ve taken our programs in the past, implemented some of what you learned, but want support to continue implementing them, without being in something as intense (or expensive) as a training program.
  • Really need ongoing spiritual support to stay connected to your heart in the whirl of business, so that you can continue to deepen and broaden your capacity for accessing love in action.
  • You yearn for like-hearted business owners, people you can trust to be really in integrity, so you don’t feel so alone.
  • You’d love some access to support and input from Heart of Business, but don’t want or need the intensity of one-on-one individual coaching right now.

If one or more of those situations is you, I think you’ll get so much out of joining us here.

You don’t have to do this alone.

nicole-mckayThe Community has provided me a forum to have my questions answered, get feedback on parts of my business I am working on, and even keep me accountable to my business tasks. As the only practitioner in my business, it can be easy to get distracted, put off other tasks, or just feel like I am spinning my wheels. If I want, any day, I can check in with the community and know that I am not alone. I can see my business growing along side others. Together, we work on the monthly focus and bring ideas to areas where we feel stuck or vulnerable. It is nice to have a place where I’m not the only one who has questions and sometimes, I can be one to help another person get clarity. Most of all, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or been in business for years, there is something for everyone.

Since diving into the Community, my business has seen me step into it and really take stewardship. My e-mail list has grown, my writing is improving and there is more clarity about who I am serving. I have been able to get important systems in place to help make some tasks easier to do and provide more support to my clients. I have been able to embark on bigger projects because I have the ability to ask questions, benefit from the experiences and gifts of the other members, and bring these to the community I serve – which is saving me hours of research about learning the necessary programs to get the work done. My heart is being supported in my own healing journey and even though it is something I feel is more personal, having the community be able to cheer me on or witness it allows me to keep with it when it gets tough or challenges me (gently and lovingly) when I try to step away from it.

Nicole McKay – website: Birthgoddess

Why we are offering this community

World_with_HeartSocial media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have helped people connect with others. But the ever-flowing stream supports distraction rather than presence and action.

Similarly, we’ve seen people who would love to have a mastermind group and struggle to find the right mix of people. Small groups form, then fall apart. And, even once formed, sometimes there is a real confusion about how to move forward because everyone is at the same level of inexperience, and it’s hard to really help each other in big ways.

We want you to implement what you’ve learned. We want you to feel empowered through seeing your business get better and better as you take the next step, and the next.

And we want to see your heart deepen in love and wisdom, and to see your business and your being flourish in vibrant ways.

In short, we want you to be successful, however you define it. And the most successful people don’t do it alone. As our team member Jason Stein says, “Together is better.”

What’s different about this community?

Many communities, social media for sure, but even facilitated communities, leave you to just do what you do. They “empower you” to make your own way.

The truth is that community can be challenging to form. It’s hard to approach a stranger and ask for help. Without a successful structure, it can seem like tossing a coin as to whether you actually get useful help.

We offer a successful structure, one that combines a few different elements:

  • Instructional Design. There are proven ways that adults learn, implement and change. We’ve honed a lot of this in the programs we teach, and we bring the best of those structures, without bringing the intensity of a learning program.
  • Awareness. If you go to a gym for awhile, but then miss a week or three, how do you get back into it? You can do it through force of will, maybe. What a difference if instead someone from the gym called you with a compassionate “Hey, I noticed you weren’t there. We miss you! How can we support you to get back in?”

twitter_0509_4We have Mark, plus Steve, our Director of Education, and our community facilitators, who are active and present. We help support what people are doing, and keep it flowing. A loving, aware, human personal touch and awareness of our members, and a gentle, compassionate support to engage.

  • Expert support. We know how powerful it is to get the right input from an expert to further empower you. Without making it as intense as a learning program, we still bring in coaching and support so that you can get questions answered, and get support on what you need to move it along. This way, you have access to specific expertise when you most need it.
  • steve-mattus-3Spirituality. Love changes everything. To consistently hold love in your heart, and in your business, can radically alter your experience, and your clients’ experiences, of what you offer. We have a variety of spiritual resources, including virtual retreats, weekly Remembrance meditations, and a library of helpful recordings and teachings.

These four elements will support you to take the next step in your business, and in your heart.

Am I going to be overwhelmed?

LightHouseAre you overwhelmed now? Because so many of us live full, busy lives, it’s probably true that something may need to move to make space for this community, even if it’s not as intense as a program.

But not as much as you might think.

Here’s a common experience: let’s say you’re working on something – content for your website, or strategic planning for an offer, or just trying to figure out your marketing plan. You spend hours spinning, trying to get it done.

Then, you get on the phone with a buddy, or post a question to a group of people you trust, and the response gets the juices flowing, gets you on track, and you get done what you need to get done in just 45 minutes.

It does take time to engage with a community of learning and practice, but it ends up being far more efficient, effective and – let’s face it – fun, than spinning your wheels on your own.

Heck, even just getting support so you know what to focus on, will save you heaps of time, rather than following a scatter-shot approach.

DiaPraxisThe opportunity to experience meaningful community with others, in your top-quality partnering process, adds a whole other dimension that helps ground and deepen our own personal learning journeys…

I look forward to continuing to learn from you Mark, to take more classes, be part of your Community, and to continue to tell others about your wonderful work.

Thank you.

with much love,

– Rosa,

What’s Included?

The Community is in three sections: Business, Heart, and Connection.

In the Business section:

Every month there’s a business focus. If you choose to engage with it, there’s a worksheet, resources, and the shared energy of community focused on a particular aspect of business.

There’s also a live coaching call, where one of the Heart of Business practitioners is available to answer any questions or help you through any challenges you have. These calls are recorded, so you can learn from the coaching others receive as well.

Paper_CDBusiness case studies: Each month we feature one of the in-depth interviews we’ve conducted with people who have successfully applied Heart of Business principles in their own business and seen the results. We dive deep to have them share what they did that made them successful, so you can follow to.

Q&A videos: There are have also been questions in business posed, and we have short videos answering those questions.

In the Heart section:

Once a week we have a live Remembrance call, where the community gathers for spiritual practice together. It’s only 15 minutes, and yet it goes deep. There is something so powerful about being in a heart space together, and people remark on how profoundly it affects their day and their week.

Heart_Wants_To_Be_SmallWe also have a large library of these recorded Remembrances, on a wide variety of topics, such as Removing the fuzz of too much thinking, When Deadlines and other urgent things are pressing on you, Returning to your business after grief, Moving rapidly at the speed of the Divine, When fear is consuming you, and others.

Spiritual Nourishment Q&A: There are some profound questions that have come up for community members, and we have a library of Mark’s responses to these questions. Questions like: “Wanting more versus surrendering to what’s on your path,” “Accessing guidance for big decisions,” and “Can’t get past wanting to be small and invisible in business and life.

In the Connection section:

As you might imagine, we have a Forum. A safe, truly private, community. (1) It’s private, not on social media, so it’s confidential, unsearchable, truly safe. (2) There are clear guidelines of engagement, so that it’s a true safe space for learning and receiving help. (3) Not only is the Heart of Business team active in the Forum, there are facilitators monitoring it, supporting you and all members in getting the most out of it, so it can be a lively, engaged place to receive and give wisdom.

Partnering program: Question_and_AnswerWe have a long history of partnering people together in our programs. We are tweaking and improving that program, and bringing it to this community, so you can connect with others, live on the phone, or in person if you happen to live close by. The guidelines, orientation and support we have for partnering means that it’s not just a social connection, although it’s that too.

Our intention is that the community members you partner with help you get things done, whether it’s support for your heart, holding space while you get guidance, or compassionate accountability in working through an exercise or getting something constructive done in your business.

Virtual Retreats: For years, every other month, Mark has led a Virtual Retreat, where the community gathers to do spiritual practice (your own practice, or you can try the ones we offer), go deep, clear the clutter in your heart, and get deep guidance and heart nourishment.

The retreats are profound, and worth the cost of admission to the community on their own. Mark was initially surprised at how powerful the virtual format was for retreating, but it turns out to provide an excellent container: the power of spiritual practice done in a group, support and guidance from a teacher in your spiritual journey, and without the expense of traveling or staying somewhere.

katestrongPartnering with other class mates on the way was such an integral part of the journey, and also participating in the forum.

Kate Strong

What’s it cost?

$95/month or $1045 for the year (if you commit to being in community for a year, we want to thank you by giving you month 12 – on us). The cost is designed to be low enough for you can enjoy ongoing membership, and still give us the resources to make this a true community, with live resources, and people who engage with you, rather than just an automated self-study program that collects virtual dust and gets ignored.

Can I try it out?

Yes! You can try it out. Something we know about community and developing a sustainable business: both take time.  From our perspective, we’d love you to make a minimum six month commitment to really experience how our Community can help you and your business blossom.

We also understand, especially if you’re less familiar with us, that you might not be feeling that commitment, and so we do offer a monthly payment option.

If you do take on the longer commitment and something comes up, we can put your membership on hold until you can return, or transfer it to another program later, or even just refund you a pro-rated amount.

Is this right for you?

If you find yourself spinning your wheels and wasting a lot of time, if you find yourself wanting to be connected to your heart more than you are, if you want your business building practices to reflect more spirit and less struggle- then please do join us in the Community.

The door is open, and we are ready to welcome you, and learn with you, and practice with you.

3Priorites Monthly Business Focus – We focus on one topic each  month, to keep you on track with worksheets, checklists and any resources we have to help support you – without feeling overwhelmed. check mark
Monthly Business Support Call - We gather as a community to ask questions and support one another on the business journey.check mark
 Case Studies – to help you learn and implement Heart of Business principles from others who have been successful and see positive results for yourself.check mark
 Live Weekly Remembrance Calls – to nourish your spirit and reconnect you to your heart.check mark
 Remembrance Call Archives – every session is recorded and available for you at any time.check mark
 Q&A videos & audios – providing business insight or spiritual nourishment on a variety of commonly asked questions (and a few uncommon ones, too).check mark
 071514-peoplePartnering Program – facilitated partnering to provide for compatible support and accountability on a one-to-one levelcheck mark
 Virtual Retreats – every other monthcheck mark
 Private, safe Community Forum – to share, practice, and provide support for one another.check mark
  People_CommunityReal people – Facilitators and a Community Manager to monitor and help in the forum.check mark
 6 months Make one payment today (you can suspend/cancel at any time)

US $570

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 12 months Make one payment today, and your 12th month is on us (you can suspend/cancel at any time)

US $1045

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 Monthly Payments  (one payment now, with all following payments on the same day of each month)

First payment $95 now,

then $95/month

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Still have questions?

You should be fierce in protecting that which comes from your heart. If you choose to let us help you, we are humbled by that trust.

If you think maybe this program is what you need, but you’re not quite sure, please ask. We don’t want an unasked question or unexpressed concern to keep you from getting clarity for yourself, whether Yes or No. Please reach out.

Use our Contact form, or call us at 1-503-282-3037, and if you get voice mail (we are a small company), we’ll get back to you.