What if you could get, affordably, both spiritual support AND business resources and focus, to build your business over the long-term?

Developing a business takes time. In our experience, it can take 18 months to 3 years to go from start up until you are truly in momentum. Throughout that time, and afterwards, most people need support and help.

Sometimes that help is a coach or a program. Other times you’re doin’ what you’re doin’, but you still need *some* consistent support, feedback, and connection to keep you accountable. Not a program with a curriculum, not something expensive that takes over your focus, but just consistent support and presence.

That’s why we have the:


Who would join this Community?

There are a few different scenarios you could find yourself in where this Community would be the perfect answer.

  • You do really well when you have consistent spiritual connection, but you’re not easily maintaining your spiritual practices within your business. Your decisions have been off and overwhelm has been creeping up on you because you’re missing that connection.
  • You feel isolated. Few of your friends are business owners, or the people you know don’t connect spirituality and business in a way that nourishes you. If you had a Community and resources around you… deep breath… it would all just feel easier and more fun.
  • You really resonate with our approach, and you want the spiritual support and some business support, and you’re not ready for, or just don’t need, a program.
  • You’ve taken one, or more, of our programs. You want to keep working on what you’ve learned with some of the support structures that were in the program but you don’t want to be in another program yet.
  • This feels like what you were waiting for! Woo-hoo!

If any of those scenarios resonate for you, maybe you’ve just found the spiritual home for your business.


What one thing makes the difference in a successful business?

Heart_GearsThis question is probably one of the most destructive questions ever asked. Why? Because it’s a trick question.

A successful business is not based on just one thing, but on many things, all connected and coming together.

Because here’s the other side: the many things you need for a successful business? As we’ve mentioned above, you don’t need them all the time. You need training, but not all the time. You sometimes need intense help and feedback, but not all the time.

The things you do need all the time?

  • Consistent spiritual connection within your business, which can be challenging to maintain even in the best circumstances.
  • Consistent focus and implementation, so you keep the right things moving along, sometimes in big jumps, sometimes in baby steps.
  • The support and feedback to tweak things you are doing.
  • People who care, cheering you on, and seeing you, whether it’s a big jump month, or a baby step month.

Because you need these things all the time, month in and month out, year after year, they can’t be overwhelming. They need to be just enough to keep you focused as you move in and out of more and less intense phases of business development.

That’s why we have this Community here for you. Ready to take a look at what’s here?


3 Things we want to offer you

There are three main elements of this Community that make it worthwhile. You can walk through each of them in turn, getting real tastes of what is here.

All of this for the fabulous price of…. what you want to pay.

Yes, we’re offering this Community on a “pay from your heart” basis. I’ll explain more about that further down, but the bottom line: that’s how it is.

Then you can sign up. 🙂 (If it’s right for you, of course.)

  1. Just-enough business support. This includes a monthly coaching call, Q&A videos, in-depth case studies, and a Community-wide monthly business focus, with resources.
  2. Consistent and profound, spiritual support. Spiritual practice and healing works when it’s consistent, and doing it on your own is hard. Weekly Remembrance calls, an ever-expanding library of Remembrance meditations, Spiritual-business Q&A, plus 6 Virtual Retreats a year.
  3. Connection… but just enough. There’s a Community here. People to connect to, find an accountability buddy for the month or the perfect people for a mastermind group, and join our Facebook group.


Driving_FreewayReady for a Tour of the Community?

Let’s walk through the 3 areas I just mentioned above, one by one, so you get a real feel for what’s here. You’ll see an image of the Community pages next to each section if you want a closer look – just click the image and zoom in to see what it looks like inside.


The Community Home

Community Home

Click to zoom in on this image to explore what the Community Home looks like.

First I want to show you our Community Home. This will be your “home base.”

The Community Home in a Nutshell:

  • There is a new video message from Steve Mattus, our Director of Education and Community Manager, posted every month.
  • Latest News & Updates Section, so you know what’s been updated most recently within the Community resources.
  • Community Calendar for the next 90-days so you can see the events coming up in the Community with quick-links so you access important information right from the home page.
  • Self-assessment tool so you can determine what kind of help you need and where to find it within the Community
  • A quick Priority Contact form (which is located on every page of the site) to easily get help or have questions answered quickly.



Business Resources in the Community

Business Resources

Click to zoom in on this image to explore an example of all the available Business resources.

Each business resource is meant to be just enough so that you can go deeply with it if you need to, but not so intense that it obscures your own agenda and needs in your business.

The Business Resources in a Nutshell:

  1. Every month there’s a community-wide focus on an important aspect of business. I bet you have aspects of your business you’ve been meaning to get to and improve. By rotating the focus month by month, you’ll lift up the various aspects of your business in ways that will have powerful results! With each focus there’s a worksheet, content that explores the focus, and a live business focus call to support you in goal-setting and accountability.
  2. Live coaching! Bring your questions and challenges! Each month we lead a coaching call where members take turns, describing a challenge or asking a question, and receiving direct coaching and help. The recordings of the calls are available afterward, as well as a list of the topics covered.
  3. Case Study and Q&A Video. Actually two things here. Every month you have access to a different in-depth case study, where, in an hour-long interview, a business owner describes a significant breakthrough they had, and in detail what it took to get there. Available as video, audio and a transcript, these case studies allow you to learn profoundly from examples.Plus, there’s a Q&A video, with Mark personally answering a question from the Community.
  4. The Business Resources Rolodex. Looking for a web designer, a copywriter, an autoresponder? Here are resources vouched for either personally by us at Heart of Business, or by a trusted member of the community.

Leif-Hansen_avatar_1418103178-96x96I recently joined a community call in which the Community Monthly Business Focus was about re-visiting our relationship to money. Though I’d done some work with this in a past ‘Heart of Money’ course with Mark, I knew that it was a dynamic growing relationship and would be good to engage in again.

We were led on a spacious Remembrance that helped me to become aware of, bring acceptance to and, eventually, find great healing in my relationship to money. In that one short call, I was surprised how much I was able to find healing for and move past layers of guilt, shame and fear (around not deserving money; mismanaging money; forgiving past misuses, etc.) through the gentle and loving guidance of Remembrance.

I know this will be invaluable in how it plays out in my business as I can already feel the absence of the usual ‘sabateur’ that comes when promoting and selling my new offers.

Thanks HoB crew for this invaluable service!
-Leif Hansan, Spark Interaction

The Business Resource Sampler

Of course you want to sample the Resources! Here they are.

    • Monthly Business Focus & Calls – topics include: Referrals, Money, Marketing, Masterminds, Overwhelm, Social Media, Getting Help, Creating Content, Business Planning/Goals, etc.
    • Monthly Business Coaching Calls – some recent questions answered:
      1. New business owner, 4 months in, wanting to get new business and referrals. Should I offer discounts?
      2. Bartering… it feels weird to me. Is it okay? How to do it well?
      3. I live in a smaller community. A lot of people have been pessimistic about me making it, can I make it?
      4. Review of the Is This You page of a website.
      5. I have 10 potential client free sessions coming up. How do I handle them most effectively?
      6. How do I say what I do?
      7. I’ve been having trouble getting referrals from an institution. How do I support receiving referrals?

Clare MaxwellI’m too new to write a “real” testimontial for the Community … But in the first weeks that I began working with you guys, I found the Business Focus really, really helpful. Just to have one thing to focus on helps so much in clearing the clutter on my “to do” list and dissipates the overwhelm.
-Clare Maxwell


  • Business Q&A video
  • Case Study – A different one each month. You can also download just the audio.
  • Case Study PDF. (Includes transcript of the video.)



Spiritual Resources in the Community

Spirituality Resources

Click the image below to see a completely expanded view of all the Spiritual resources available.

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is accessing your heart’s wisdom, and trusting it, through all the bumps and challenges of growing your business. When we interview our most successful clients, without exception they credit spiritual connection as THE most critical piece of support they received.

Our Spiritual Resources are both deeply rooted in the Sufi lineage that Mark Silver, our founder, teaches from, and open and accessible to people from any faith or path. We’ve had clients who were priests, rabbis, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Wiccan, as well as those who were spiritually unaffiliated.

The Spiritual Resources in a Nutshell

  1. Live Weekly Remembrance Calls. Every week there is a live, 15 minute, guided Remembrance (meditation) on a particular topic, such as “When you feel stuck writing or creating,” “Opening to receive the hearts of clients coming towards you,” “When you’re upset by a client complaint,” and “When you feel lifeless or deadened facing a project or task and can’t just push through.”You may have noticed that spiritual practice done in a group is much easier and more powerful than when you do it on your own. When we come together as a community, it deepens everyone’s access to their heart, and can create breakthroughs for the week.
  2. Remembrance Library. We’ve been leading these Remembrances for some time, and we have a library of over 100, each on a different topic. Many in our Community use these both to support a regular spiritual practice, and as a 15 minute “heart power” boost when stuck with a particular issue in the moment. We encourage members to request topics they want Remembrances on, and we add those to the Monday schedule, and then they go into the library for permanent access.
  3. Unveiling Your Jewel class. In this audio class and workbook, we teach you the very simple, profound and ancient Sufi practice of the Remembrance as a way to connect to the heart, and then walk you into a profound exercise to discover your own special Jewel.
  4. Sufi healing, Q&A, and the Divine Qualities. Mark is a designated master teacher in an unbroken 1400 year-old Sufi lineage. He has shared prayers, insights and teachings from his own teachers, for you to use to deepen your own heart. It’s a rich assortment that members often find themselves dipping into.
  5. Virtual Retreats. Six times a year, once every other month, Mark leads the Community in a 24 hour Virtual Retreat. It’s a time to go deep, clear the clutter in your heart, stop the whirl of overwhelm and listen deeply to guidance. Healing, wisdom, and nourishment all come together in our Virtual Retreats. Mark has led these Virtual Retreats for years, and our long-term clients rarely miss one because of how nourishing and effective they are.

Lev-Natan_avatar_1418081001-96x96Hi All, a celebration…I just enrolled a new client today, quite effortlessly. It was a friend of a previous client, who I saw at a social event this weekend. We talked casually, then she felt called to schedule a discovery session, which we did today. And, she was just ready.

I feel myself supported by this community, and I feel that the inner work of remembrance, and drinking in the nourishment that I need for myself, is helping me to start cultivating a more authentic and vulnerable confidence. I am learning to trust this process. Thank you Heart of Business community.
-Lev Natan, The Medicine Tree

Jill-Soth_avatar_1422912605-96x96Amazing, amazing, amazing! What people have always told me is that I am easy to talk with and I create a safe place for them to tell their stories. I did the Unveiling Your Jewel exercise and I got 6 ways why people may feel that way, the two that resonate the most are that I am willing to be vulnerable with them and I am willing to walk along side them as they discover their paths.

The most extraordinary part of this whole exercise for me though, was I fell asleep immediately after doing the exercise and had the most lucid, heart affirming dreams I have ever had – that I also don’t remember the specifics of. I only remember that I kept telling myself in the dream that I was connected and to remember that. I have been in bliss since waking. I have connected and filled up and I want more. I get that it all has to come from this connection. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-Jill Soth, The Art of Choice Coaching

The Spiritual Resource Sampler

Of course you want to sample the Resources! Here they are.

Mary-HeadleyThe Monday Remembrance calls are such an opportunity to put everything aside and rest into topics that need nourishment and space. It seems whenever Monday comes and I’m on the call live it is EXACTLY what I was struggling with and not sure how to address.

OHHH Virtual Retreats!…now there is a great thing you can’t find anywhere else! I have been on five day silent retreats, and self-generated weekend retreats, but 24 hours to spend with a Sufi spiritual teacher, and business coach, is a dynamite combo in my book. I would not have thought that spirituality and business could come together and help me with my business but….here it is.

This community also provides several calls during the month to get HELP. What is really great is that no matter what the problem is you get the time you need and some wonderful guidance, that I personally, find is usually spot on.
-Mary Headley

leslie-nippsRemembrance calls on Monday and the every-other-month retreats have created a deep unconscious practice of turning to the Divine in my business and my life. I almost can’t remember what it was like before…
-Leslie Nipps, LeslieNipps.com


Partnering and Connecting with the Community

Community Partnering

Click the image to view the Partnering resources in more detail!

A Community means we come together! We’ve heard from so many people who are either (1) one of the only people they know who is in business for themselves, (2) know people who are in business, but don’t share their values, or (3) even with other heart-centered business owners around, they don’t really know how to support one another in an effective way.

We have three powerful Community and Partnering resources that answer each of those situations. Check’em out.

Community Resources in a Nutshell

  1. The Buddy System: Partnering. When you meet with another business owner with the intention of mutual support, how do you make sure it’s actually productive? We’ve been supporting effective partnering in our programs for years, and have developed a Partnering Guide and an audio-based Partnering Orientation Training Class that makes sure you get the most out of connecting with someone else in the Community.In this vein, we encourage and support members to find a buddy each month to meet with and support each other with what we call “compassionate accountability.” Connect with enough monthly buddies, and you may find yourself with a mastermind group…
  2. Mastermind of the Heart PDF and class. I, Mark, have been in a mastermind group for over 8 years, and had a shorter-term mastermind group before that. I’ve learned a lot. I share my insights about mastermind groups in a PDF and audio class to help support you in having a successful group.
  3. Our (private, secret) Facebook Group. This group has become a real oasis of heart-centered connection. People celebrate, share struggles, get and give feedback. There’s also a place to share our offers, and to share content and blog posts, with the intention of helping each other make ourselves more visible in the larger world of social media.Heart of Business and Mark Silver have been facilitating heart-centered online forums since 2005 with remarkable depth, safety and vulnerability. We ask each member to either (1) have participated in one of our programs or (2) go through a short orientation before joining the Facebook group. This little bit of intention and focus helps to create the depth of connection and power in the group that is rarely found online.

Our Community Resources Sampler…?

Well, it’s kinda hard to -sample- these resources. We can’t give you access to the Facebook group until you join, and similarly you can’t partner with anyone in the Community until you’re in.

Another way you can sample is to hear from folks in the Community about what it’s meant to them.

nicole-mckayI didn’t sign up for the Community right away. I had some other stuff going on but I can say that I was captivated by the page describing what was offered. I wondered if my business (about 5 years old) was far enough along to benefit from the community and if I would have anything to contribute – not wanting it to be one sided. I finally took the leap when I was doing the Momentum course and I am so glad I did.

The Community has provided me a forum to have my questions answered, get feedback on parts of my business I am working on, and even keep me accountable to my business tasks. As the only practitioner in my business, it can be easy to get distracted, put off other tasks, or just feel like I am spinning my wheels. If I want, any day, I can check in with the Community and know that I am not alone. I can see my business growing along side others. Together, we work on the monthly focus and bring ideas to areas where we feel stuck or vulnerable. It is nice to have a place where I’m not the only one who has questions and sometimes, I can be one to help another person get clarity. Most of all, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or been in business for years, there is something for everyone.

If you are already called to the work Heart of Business does, you know that taking care of your heart matters. It matters for your business. It matters because your business is bringing healing to the world in such needed times. It can be easy to let go of spiritual practices, I know as I’ve been there too many times. We slip but we can also come back. Being part of the Community also means that I can keep my heart connected to the Divine through the guided Remembrance recordings (that I put on my computer and phone – listening on the go or even at the gym), I have a forum to ask questions of the heart. I have been able to be gentle enough with myself to take a whole day off every other month for the Virtual Retreat. Even when I don’t have questions, being available to support and witness other people’s journeys is where I need to be.

Since diving into the Community, my business has seen me step into it and really take stewardship. My e-mail list has grown, my writing is improving and there is more clarity about who I am serving. I have been able to get important systems in place to help make some tasks easier to do and provide more support to my clients. I have been able to embark on bigger projects because I have the ability to ask questions, benefit from the experiences and gifts of the other members, and bring these to the community I serve – which is saving me hours of research about learning the necessary programs to get the work done. My heart is being supported in my own healing journey and even though it is something I feel is more personal, having the community be able to cheer me on or witness it allows me to keep with it when it gets tough or challenges me (gently and lovingly) when I try to step away from it.

If you are thinking about joining the Community, know that the safe space is ready when you are with welcoming moderators and community participants. The forum and the calls bring our hearts together so we don’t have to walk alone – because every step is important. Whether you want help finding reliable software for a task you are undertaking, looking for feedback as you write your website, or want a community of like-minded spiritual business people, this is a great place for your heart and the heart of your business.

Hope to see you soon,

-Nicole McKay


That “Pay From The Heart Thing”

coinsMost simply, Pay From The Heart means you check in with your heart and arrive at a monthly payment that feels right to you.

I’ve seen people struggle with sliding scales and pay-what-you-want pricing, thinking they have to pay more than feels good, because they want to pay their “fair share.” Let me share a Sufi perspective: you can only give what you’ve been given.

We want you to feel great about the relationship- what you receive as a member, and what you give to sustain us in our giving to you.

What other people charge.

When I’ve researched similar offers, pricing was all over the place, and most fell somewhere between $20 and $80/month. I’m *NOT* saying you should pay us between $20 and $80/month. Just in the context of these kinds of offers, if you went somewhere else, that’s what you could expect to pay.

The gift here is that if less than $20 is what feels right in your heart, and where your business and finances are, that’s great! As long as you feel good in your heart, we trust that.

On the other hand, if you are in a situation where you have more, and contributing more feels good to you, we’re happy to receive that support.

What is sustainable for us.

It’s important to us that we are honest with you, and not pretending Heart of Business doesn’t have needs, because we do.

Our long-term edge-of-sustainable revenue (not necessarily very profitable), is $3000-$4000/month (120-160 members at an average of $25/month, some higher, some lower.) That pays for the administrative and technical support, as well as the cost of our Community Manager, and paying our practitioners to participate in the ways they do.

The challenge, as you probably see in your business, is balancing between profit and service. If we provide less support, it costs less, and we keep more profit, but you don’t get as much. Offer too much, then we aren’t profitable and can’t continue.

Our commitment is to stay alive to that balance. If our profits from the Community increase significantly, then we’ll use the financial resources we receive to increase and improve the resources we’re providing to you. Fair?

One Small Boundary: We decided, from the heart, to set the minimum contribution at $4/month. It is Pay From the Heart, and it has to agree with our heart as well as your own, and our hearts just didn’t feel good lower than $4/month.

How it works.

First, decide if you are going to join us. Feel the possibilities of what this kind of support would mean to you, your heart, and your business.

Second, if you decide “Yes,” then make a second decision of how much per month. Take time to both think about the reality of your financial situation and to sense into your heart what number feels right on a monthly basis.

Every 3 months, you’ll have the opportunity to change the amount, adjusting it upward or downward, or leave it as-is.


Ready to jump in?

Heart_Wants_To_Be_SmallThe first word, and the last, is love. It’s not easy to maintain a connection to love and also stay grounded in what needs to happen in your business to have it flourish. In our Community we strive to integrate the engagement and work that life and business calls us to, with the spiritual reality of being present to Love in every moment.

If you’ve ever noticed how much easier it is to do spiritual practice in a group than it is on your own, then you know that the more of us together, supporting each other on this path, the easier it is for all of us.

I hope you’ll join us. Here’s the summary of what we’ve gone over, how to register, and a place to ask any question you might have:


The Community At-A-Glance

Our CommunityWhat you’ll get
Business Resource: Monthly Business Focus
With live call, worksheets and relevant content
check mark
Business Resource: Live Coaching!
Live, real-time group coaching. Plus recordings and topics listed
check mark
Business Resource: Monthly In-depth Case Study
With video, audio, and PDF.
check mark
Business Resource: Q&A video
Delving into critical business questions.
check mark
Spiritual Resource: Live Weekly Remembrance Calls
Spiritual practice is more powerful with others.
check mark
Spiritual Resource: Remembrance Library
60+ (and growing) 15 minute audios to help you through stuck places in your business.
check mark
Spiritual Resource: Unveiling Your Jewel Audio Class
Our most profound exercise, the heart of your attraction.
check mark
Spiritual Resource: Sufi Healing Q&A and Divine Qualities
Profound spiritual resources not easily found elsewhere.
check mark
Spiritual Resource: Virtual Retreats
Six times a year retreat for 24 hours for breakthroughs and to clutter clear your heart.
check mark
Community Resource: Partnering
Our best resources on how to connect with a partner effectively for mutual business support.
check mark
Community Resource: Mastermind of the Heart PDF and class
Learn how to mastermind effectively so your business can soar.
check mark
Community Resource: Private secret Facebook group
To feel supported, and to gain help in many, many ways.
check mark
Pay From the Heart Monthly Payment
From $4/month up to whatever your heart feels is right. When you click to join, you’ll be taken to a page where you can put in how much you want to pay monthly.
click to order

I hope you’ll join us.

If you’re ready, go ahead and join! Don’t be bashful about starting with a lower monthly price if that’s what your heart feels. You don’t know us or the Community yet, and that’s okay.

monica-faubleThe Heart of Business community, and the support and guidance I’ve received there, has encouraged me to get creative about new ways to bring people who might need my help toward my business. The coaching calls are an amazing opportunity to dive in and have any business question on any topic you are struggling with addressed.

But the very best part of Heart of Business is the focus on spiritual support that allows you to rest in your heart. If you want to make a difference but need to make a profit, Heart of Business is an excellent fit for you and your business. You will learn how to bring people towards you with integrity. No sneaky manipulative-feeling tips or tricks here. You will learn how to market while maintaining your integrity. That’s what makes Heart of Business so unique and so perfect for anyone who wants to make the world a better place.
-Monica Fauble, Acupuncture with Monica